air compressors

Air Compressor Accessories

CASTAIR Metal Flex Hoses
  • Vibration Absorbing
  • Stainless Steel
  • 250 PSI Max.

1/2"NPT male/male VA050
3/4"NPT male/male VA075
1.0"NPT male/male VA100
1-1/4"NPT male/male VA125
1-1/2"NPT male/male VA150
2"NPT male/male VA200

Ball Valve (female both ends)
1/4" Mini ball valve BV25M
1/4"Full flow ball valve BV25
3/8"Full flow ball valve BV38
1/2"Full flow ball valve BV50
3/4"Full flow ball valve BV75
1"Full flow ball valve BV100
1-1/4" Full flow ball valve BV125
1-1/2"Full flow ball valve BV150

=CAST-LUBE=   High Quality Oil for Piston Air Compressors
  • High Temerature
  • Low Carbon
  • Non-Foaming
  • Factory Approved
  • Full synthetic for piston compressors
Part #
1 quart QT10W 10
1 gallon GA10W 10
1 quart QT30W 30
1 gallon GA30W 30
  • Rating 3 months or 300 hours

Part #
1 quart QT10W30 10/30
1 gallon GA10W30 10/30
=CAST-LUBE=   High Quality - Full Synthetic for Rotary Screw Compressors
Part #
Used For
1 gallon GA4000 CASTAIR Compressor
5 gallon FG4000 CASTAIR Compressor
  • Rating 1 year or 4000 hours
Rotary varnish cleaner VARNASOLV
NOTE: Mix 10% run 50 hours and drain oil warm and change oil & separator filters.

Rubber Vibration Pads
Used On
4x4x1 Rubber VP100
1.5x.75 Round rubber VP1575
2x3 Twin tank foot boot 2433009
1x2.25 Twin tank flat 2433015

Discharge Tube - Elbows - Adapters
Part #
Compression adaptor 1/2x1/2 CA1212
Compression elbow 1/2x1/2 CE1212
Compression adaptor 3/4x3/4 CA3434
Compression elbow 3/4x3/4 CE3434
1/2" Discharge tube with fittings DT12
3/4" Discharge tube with fittings DT34
1/2" Compression nut & sleeve CNS12
3/4" Compression nut & sleeve CNS34
Copper & Nylon Tubing
Part #
1/4" Nylon tubing NT25
1/4" Copper tubing CT25
1/2" Copper tubing CT50
5/8" Copper tubing CT58
3/4" Copper tubing CT75
Specify feet required when ordering.

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