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I518VC1-S Air CompressorCASTAIR, Inc. is a manufacturer of air compressors.  We are family owned and operated since 1991.  As the name "CASTAIR" implies, our pumps are made of "CAST IRON" not aluminum.  Our pumps are oil-lubricated, not oil-less and run at very slow RPMs making them quiet and last a long life.

We have a very large stock of standard compressors on hand.  We offer five different series of compressors, CONTRACTOR, GARAGE, COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL and ROTARY SCREW.  We can also build custom compressors to fit your needs.  We have a compressor for every application and price range.

Our goal is to help our customers understand the difference between our air compressors and our competitors so you can make an informed decision surrounding your air system needs.  We do not offer the "cheapest" compressors, but if you compare we are confident you will agree we have the best value!

Did you know the slower the pump RPM the quieter and cooler an air compressor will run?  It will also contain less water in the air system and have a longer life.

Be aware of the wording "peak" horse-power.  When you see this it is usually not the true horse-power.  It takes 8.8 amps @ 115 volt or 4.4 amps @ 230 volt to equal 1 horse-power with 1-phase electricity.  Make sure you compare amp draws when making comparisons.  Also be aware that a 1725 RPM motor will last longer and has more starting torque than a 3450 RPM motor.

Keep in mind you are not buying horse-power.  You are buying air or cubic feet of air per minute, (CFM).  CFM is many times expressed as CFM displacement which means at zero P.S.I.  The CFM you want to pay close attention to is the CFM at your operating P.S.I. because this is where you are going to be using it.  Displacement will always be higher because there is no resistance with zero pressure in the tank and the pump can deliver more CFM.

We have a complete line of filters, regulators, lubricators, hose, couplers, automatic drains, dryers, after coolers, and the list goes on.  If it has to do with an air system we can help.

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Stop in or call!  Unlike our products we are not high pressured.  We want to help you understand your options so that you receive the most value for your dollar.  Our hours are 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday.  You can even hear the compressors run before you buy.  We stand ready to answer any questions you have.